Certification Training

Want to become a lash artist?  Now is the time!  The lash industry is growing like it never has before and needs quality artist who want to give their guest long lasting, healthy lash extensions.

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Online Course Now Available!

Become a lash artist today with this award winning manual and class.  Learn from the comfort of your home with all the support you need from your certified educator.  Kits are shipped to you so you will have all you need.  Start learning today!

Bliss Lash Bar

Become a certified Lash Artist with our two day hands-on course!

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Bliss Lash Bar has an amazing two day, accredited, certification course, that follows an award nominated, comprehensive manual.  The course is taught by our CERTIFIED EDUCATOR, Carlie Smith, who also wrote the manual.

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Member of Lash Tech Tutorials, WALAD,

and Lash INC

What's Included...

  • 16 hours of instruction

  • Hands on training with 3 LIVE models

  • Comprehensive cicciculum

  • Health & Safety for yourself and clients

  • Removals and Fills hands on

  • Lash Anatomy, Mapping/Styling, Allergies/Irritations

  • Training kit of your choice (small or large)

  • Continued support throughout your career

  • Lunch provided

  • Copy of our award nominated manual

  • Education from a qualified instructor


  • And SO MUCH MORE.....


Why Choose Bliss

over another course...

There are a lot of courses out there that may cost less or have a shorter time frame of learning.  Bliss takes pride in the fact that we are qualified to teach you, and you will be ready to take on clients when you leave our course.  We have RE-TRAINED several artists that were certified from smaller courses because they did not learn proper technique.  Don’t be fooled by the low price tags…. To be successful, you need to learn on live models, by a certified educator, and be willing to INVEST IN YOURSELF!  Anyone can get a certificate for taking a course, but with Bliss you will be a successful, certified, artist!



Two-day training with certification plus starter kit..... $1200

Two-day training with certification plus large kit….. $1390


One-day training, no kit, no certification….. $500 **this One day is for those who are interested but not able to afford the entire course.  If they decide they want to be fully certified after day 1, they may then pay the remaining balance for a Two-day course and just take day 2. 


One On One Skill Building……. $500

**this is for artists who are already certified and are need to work more on technique.  It is 6-8 hours long.


Kit Options


Starter Kit-The perfect kit to get started in the eyelash extension industry, providing you with all the extension supplies that you will need.


·        1 Bella Lash Tile

·        Lash Pod

·        Mixed Length Tray

·        Premium Gel Lash Remover

·        Bella Lash Intelliseal

·        Lash Cleanser with Make-up Remover 15ml

·        Straight Edge Tweezers

·        Curved Tweezers

·        10 Bella Lash Eye Gel Patches

·        Lash Primer

·        25 Mascara Wands

·        100 Micro Brush Swabs

·        100 Cotton Tip Applicators

·        Small Jade Stone

·        Adhesive Tape

·        Rose Gold Carrying Case